Our month-end close solution, ART, is a vital partner for community banks and credit unions everywhere. Since 2009, we have been working with finance and accounting leaders to create a more modern and automated month-end close process that saves time, reduces manual work and adheres to strict internal controls.  See how you can achieve a Crystal Clear Close by this time next month.


With the help of ART, these financial institutions were able to...

• System reconcile up to 40% of reconciliations
• Implement a faster, efficient review process
• Instantly access documents during audit
• Electronically sign-off on each reconciliation
• Automatically alert team of impending deadlines

• Automatically create closing tasks each month
• Real-time status dashboards during close
• Refocus time to more value-added activities
• Reduce paper and go green

• Produce audit documentation instantly
• Easily track progress and identify bottlenecks
• Eliminate paper, manual checklists, & scanning 
• Quickly scale through automation

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