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5 Easy Habits to Promote Productivity at Work

Each day, we have only 24 hours and can consume only so much coffee to keep us going. Thus, being productive at work is imperative to accomplishing our daily and long-term goals.

Consider incorporating these small changes into your daily routine to boost your impact in the office:

  1. Stop Multitasking: While we may think there are benefits to doing two things at once, we run the risk of making mistakes by not dedicating our attention to even the most innocuous task.

  2. Be Present: Be present while working (and not working!) and you’ll end up accomplishing much more.

  3. Declutter Your Space: Having a clean space not only promotes organization but also helps you work faster by directing your attention to the task at hand (and not your messy desk!).

  4. Take Regular Breaks: We all know when we hit that point of exhaustion and overwhelm. Take a short walk around the office to clear your head every 90 minutes to stay sharp and focused.

  5. Develop a Routine: Studies show that establishing a dedicated time for certain tasks, like organizing files or making calls, helps us plan and prioritize the rest of our day  better.


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